I wanted to aid in my own unraveling,

build again from the skin in.

Faithful to my faithlessness

I believe in my disbelief


I’m a ticking time bomb with the time wrong –

I always fall behind.

With a heart made of barbed wire and bleeding rust,

I’ve grown to hate my fortress,

I’ve grown to loathe the things I loved.

But my body continues on

even as my mind is decaying.

I see faint life in curls of smoke,

the face of God in ashes wind blown

and i build myself a monument –

whispers of lucidity straying

into concert halls of madness.

In the end my feet hang off the ledge,

my eyes slide shut with the best of intentions,

and my hands hold fast where I swore not to venture.

One by one they come:

paying pennies for  thoughts,

then dollars for my silence.

And I mock their reverence

then break my bones in defiance.

I press the barbed wire close

as I take a new form,

from ashes and chains and silence

I am reborn.

yjis is literally evertyhin

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