When Morning Came

When morning came I was swept away with it.

Tiny fingers of sunlight dragged me kicking and screaming

I wanted the night.

But the windows stood open and the drapes were pulled back

I was left exposed…

reaching for covers I assumed would be there.

My last lines of defense, fallen.

All I wanted was silence

I who feared being truly alone

longed for the quiet stillness

longed for the comfort of darkness

longed for nothingness but most importantly


Far too suddenly my reality had changed –

and my love along with it.

There were few I trusted within these walls

but now they too are gone,

slipping away while I slept.

Electricity replaced the razors in my veins

while torment reigned in the wake of betrayal…

I made a single request

yet the sun found it’s way in,

yet it dared to wake me:

reminding me that I dwell among the living

though I am little more than dead.


Lying awake

counting stars

I’m starting to think there’s darkness in all of us.

Before I thought

we were inherently light

that the darkness is what we avoid

but here in this nothingness

where my only light is stars now falling

I feel it again –

unsure…of what I’ve been told.

Everything has changed.

Suspicions are reborn.

The oracle speaks.

Then the oracle is silent.

And what are we left with?

Fewer stars

and greater darkness,

more from within than without.